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How do we fundraise for the event? 

When you complete your registration, you'll automatically be guided through your online fundraising page. Why not get started with a self-donation!  

All donations can be made online through your fundraising page. Simply send the link to your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your efforts. 

If you have received cash donations, contact us for more details. 

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Is there a minimum fundraising goal for each team?  

Yes. By registering a team, you set a goal to raise $5,000 – but we encourage you to aim as high as you can with your fundraising targets! The more funds we raise together, the more substantial impact we can make in the fight against Parkinson's. 

Event Details

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What is the date and time of Pedal to Fight Parkinson’s? 

Pedal to Fight Parkinson’s event is taking place at Adelaide Oval on the 13 – 14 June 2024, 12pm – 12pm. 

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What is Pedal to Fight Parkinson’s? 

Pedal to Fight Parkinson's is a 24-hour cycling event raising vital funds for Parkinson's research and patient care. At the heart of this event is footy legend and former West Adelaide Premiership Coach Mark Mickan who is living with Parkinson’s. 


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How can I participate in Pedal to Fight Parkinson's?  

You can participate by registering a team for the 24-hour cycling event. Team registration is free when you set a goal to fundraise $5,000.  

Can’t rally the team? You can “Pay to Pedal” as an individual! Pay to Pedal costs $100 to register for a 1hr time slot on our community bikes.  

Teams and individuals will pedal continuously over 24 hours, taking turns during the event. Visit our registration page to secure your spot. 

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How much does it cost to register a team or book a community bike slot? 

Registering a team is free, with a commitment to fundraise $5,000. Rally a team of 24 – that’s only 1hr of cycling and under $210 of fundraising each! 

If you're Paying to Pedal as an individual on our community bike, the booking fee is $100 per hour. Both contributions go directly towards our fight against Parkinson's. 


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What if I don't have a team of 24?

No worries at all - you don't have to have a full team of 24 to participate! As long as there is someone on your bike each hour it doesn't matter who!

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How are time slots coordinated for teams?

It is up to teams to coordinate the pedalling schedule for event day, and to ensure there is somone on the bike each hour.

You may like to create a spreadsheet to share amongst your team to make sure this is organised before event day. Struggling to decide who fills the early morning slots? Drawing names out of a hat may help!

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Can I pick my own time slot?

If you're part of a team, make sure to check in with your Team Captain. Your team can choose the order and times for each cyclist.

Solo Riders

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I've registered to pedal solo, when will I receive my time slot?

If you're pedalling solo, our events team will be touch closer to the day with timeslots available.

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I've signed up for a 1 hour slot, can I still fundraise?

Absolutely - we encourage all entrants to fundraise as much as tghey would like. Make sure to log in to your dashboard to access useful resources like tip & tricks, social media tiles and templates, editable posters, and more!

The Cause

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Where does money raised go?

100% of funds raised go directly to Parkinson's research, patient care, support programs, and awareness initiatives at The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Parkinson's. We aim to use every dollar to make a tangible difference in the lives of those living with Parkinson's. 


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How do I contact the event organisers if I have additional questions?

For further questions or assistance, please email events@hospitalresearch.org.au 

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What happens if it rains during the event?

No worries there! Pedal to Fight Parkinson's is an undercover event, so we'll be pedalling together come rain, hail, or shine. 

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Is there an age requirement to participate?

Participants must be at least 18 years old. However, younger individuals can support the event through fundraising activities or attending as spectators. 

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Can I bring along friends and family on event day?

Absolutely - we encourage you to bring your cheer squad as you pedal to fight Parkinson's! There will be plenty of fun entertainment and themes for all throughout the 24 hours.


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